1. What is your strategy if your first assignment is in a school or district that says it’s “21st Century” but the structure, culture and practices do not reflect those practices?

2. Who or where is the instructional leadership in a school and who determines your role in this?

3. How is change brought about at the classroom level, school level, and at the district level?

4. What processes and apps do you know of and can use to turn the traditional Monday faculty meeting into a dynamic problem-solving format, or a fully engaged decision-making body?

5. What are you prepared to do that’s new, different, or effective to address persistent equity issues in your new administrative assignment?

6. How does a new AP or Principal effectively assess their own learning needs prior to entering the new assignment?

7. Do you have the skills to teach design thinking to teachers and other staff?

8. What strategies will you employ for bridging the age gap between millennial and veteran teachers?

9. How will you manage your own, and your staff’s stress levels and emotions in the high-pressure, needy environment of changing expectations?

10. How can you find and build active peer and other mentoring relationships to strategize and bounce ideas around with for tough issues that arise in that first assignment?

The Renegade Challenge:

Can you design 3 open-ended “renegade” questions for your first department, staff or faculty meeting that will signal your interest in the staff’s ideas?