Renegade Learning Services

rethink. retool. reboot your school.
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  • Visioning & planning the transition
  • New model exploration & development
  • Structural supports for student-centered learning
  • Organizational development audits
  • Partner-building for change


  • Administrator, board & teacher training in collaborative leadership
  • T2 (Team-Task) teacher hiring process
  • STEM, team/PBL (project-based), experiential & outdoor learning training
  • SEL (social-emotional learning) training for teachers & parents
  • Team & community-building skills training

Rebooting Your School

  • Student intake process
  • Unity staff retreats, equity training for teachers, students
  • Designing induction/exit interview process
  • Teaming & other culture-building strategies
  • Advisory goals and resources
  • Intersessions & internships

Additional RL Services

Agencies & Foundations: Policy analysis, funding direction advisement
B2B: Technology, marketing & start-up consults for school-related products
Community: Parenting classes, neighborhood-based community building activities
Legal: Research, advisement & expert witness services in school-related cases